Wednesday, January 22, 2014



  1. Babe, I was actually thinking about these bags so you must be some kind of mind reader! Especially that Net-a-porter even run a small piece on them in their today's newsletter, page 2. They called them "tasselled" but when you go to "see more bags", most of them are bucket bags.
    Also just to say thank you for including me in your blogroll! I feel seriously touched:) You are in mine as well:)

    Have a fab eve and talk soon,
    Justyna/Styleskin xoxoxo

    1. Well, I noticed lately that bucket bags appear on almost every online store, so I guessed that this must be some kind of the new "it-bag", especially when I saw Saint Laurent sporting this model...
      I would like you to know, once you mentioned it, that you are in my blogroll, because you simply are one of my fav bloggers and inspirations! I also feel honored that you included me in yours (even if I think that my blog is really not something special...)
      Sending you my love!!! xoxo