Sunday, July 14, 2013


Black and military green have always been 2 of my favorite colors. 

To be honest I somehow avoided to combine them, because I thought that I would come up with a rather dull result... 

But as they say you can never be sure about something unless you give it a try!

(Me wearing Celine military jacket, Massimo Dutti quilted leather skirt and Givenchy suede pumps)

How can you succeed in perfectly mixing these colors?

Wear everything black, except one single piece that has to be green (that could be a jacket, shirt or boots) and done. So simple!

On the other hand, as you might have already been informed, Phoebe cleverly suggests that for next fall season we try mixing military green with ivory... just for a change!

(photos: Columbine Smille, The Fashion Adroit, Harper & Harley, Atlantic Pacific, We the People,


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  2. Love the green and black colour combo!